Welcome to the Broich Hospitality Group!

The BROICHHOSPITALITYGROUP (BHG) represents a collection of various corporate investments under the umbrella of FBV Beteiligungs GmbH, a holding company. The managing partners are Georg W. Broich (75% share) and Burkhard Schmitz (25% share).

The origins of BHG can be traced back to the year 1734, which also marks the start of BROICHPREMIUMCATERING when the Drei Könige inn was founded in Kapellen-Erft. In 1891, Carl Broich decided to leave his parents‘ inn and set up a butcher shop in Düsseldorf with his wife Katharina. Following on from the tradition of more than 250 years, Georg W. Broich took over the family business in 1987, the fourth generation to do so.

Georg W. Broich and Burkhard Schmitz have maintained a close friendship for over 30 years. After Burkhard Schmitz had worked a lot in the company during his studies and was later closely involved in its development, he finally joined the company in 2005, becoming a partner in 2006.

In 2012, Georg W. Broich and Burkhard Schmitz took over the shares in BROICHPREMIUMCATERING previously held by VIBROGRUPPE Mönchengladbach via the FBV holding company.

After three years consolidating and reorienting the company towards catering for schools and kindergartens, congresses and stadiums with the aim of making the firm less dependent on the volatile sales experienced in event catering, the decision was made in 2016 to invest in further companies.

Today, Rheingedeck (2016), FOODPOL CONCEPT CATERING (2017), Culinaria Gastronomie (2018), Venue Planner (2018), Conzept (2019), Cøffe (2019), and #EFP (2019) are among the investments held by BHG.












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