„Conzept“ is the name of the brand created by Georg W. Broich and Markus Spengler (FPS-Catering) in 2017. Behind it is an innovative licensing concept: caterers select at least three food concepts from a portfolio of 10 for a minimum duration of 36 months and pay a one-off admission fee as well as a monthly fee. The aim of the brand is to share the success of the food concepts as well as many years‘ experience and extensive knowledge with other restaurateurs.

The interaction of Markus Spengler’s experience with licensing concepts and Georg W. Broich’s many years of experience with established food concepts form the technical foundation of „Conzept“. As launching specially created food concepts onto the market is an extremely costly and risky undertaking, „Conzept“ should prove to be particularly attractive for smaller companies and institutions.

A highly standardised booklet containing extensive information is produced for each food concept so that the restaurateurs are guaranteed a flawless execution and use of the concept in question.

In the long term, thanks to „Conzept“, innovative food concepts such as Taste & Fly or Daily Bread should attract a great deal of attention not only on the European but also on the North American market.

Conzept GmbH

Founding year: 2017
Registered seat: Frankfurt am Main
Managing Director:
Georg W. Broich
Markus Spengler

Shareholder structure:
50,00 % KSD GmbH
25,00 % GB Consulting