#EFP stands for the pooling of knowledge, skills and experience of Verenice Vandewall and Georg W. Broich. Their successful cooperation began 10 years ago with a French company specialising in products for the catering trade. Verenice was responsible for the Benelux and German-speaking region, while Georg W. Broich became the company’s first brand ambassador in the German-speaking countries.
After her time at a French company specialising in products for the catering trade, Verenice Vandewall built up the „Marketing and Sales“ department at Didess, one of the leading Belgian suppliers of biscuits for the catering trade. She was also instrumental in the joint venture R&D Foodrevolution, initiated by culinary innovators Rudi van Beylen, Dirk Peeters and Albert Adrià.

#EFP advises and supports clients in opening up new markets, drawing on its many years of experience with the Benelux, German-speaking, Scandinavian and Eastern European markets. This involves not only sales and marketing, but also product and concept development, trend scouting, recruiting and the organisation of trend tours, e.g. in Antwerp, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Lyon.

Founding year: 2020
Registered seat: Meerbusch
Managing Directors:
Georg W. Broich
Verenice Vandewall

Shareholder structure:
50,00 % Verenice Food Agency BV

Shareholder structure:
European Business Partners