VP Venue Planner GmbH digitalises the planning of event personnel and equipment and is considered the world’s first universal software solution for intuitive, graphic and auditable security service planning. In a single SaaS solution, all the decisive aspects of event planning are brought together, making planning more efficient, transparent and simple.

Rainer Schüler and Jörg Bremer, who founded VP Venue Planner GmbH in 2017, came up with the idea of such software in the course of their past activities in the events sector. Both of them realised how urgently needed and relevant such a software solution would be.

Rainer Schüler was previously press spokesman for the arena in Düsseldorf and managing director of the Du Arena in Abu Dhabi. Jörg Bremer was responsible for public events at the Arena in Düsseldorf and previously for the local operation of tour productions at various event organisers.

Venue Planner can be used to plan events of all kinds and dimensions, enabling all the different trades involved in an event to work together from the first to the last phase of the event. It also offers full cost control.

Founding year: 2017
Registered seat: Düsseldorf
Managing Directors:
Rainer Schüler
Jörg Bremer