With VIBROGRUPPE’s entry in 2004, external family partners became shareholders in the company for the first time. Together, they grew BROICHPREMIUMCATERING from €6.2m (annual turnover in 2004) to €12.6m (annual turnover in 2012) and also steered the firm through difficult times such as the Nürburgring and the world economic crisis in 2008.

At the end of 2012, the VIBROGRUPPE reorganized its investments and Georg W. Broich and Burkhard Schmitz took over the 48% stake in BROICHPREMIUMCATERING held by FBV. After three years of consolidating and reorienting the company towards school and kindergarten, congress and stadium catering with the aim of making the firm less dependent on the volatile sales experienced in event catering, the decision was made in 2016 to acquire stakes in other companies.

Culinaria Gastronomie (BHG.INVEST share: 60.00%), FOODPOL CONCEPT CATERING (BHG.INVEST share: 51.00%), #EFP (BHG.INVEST share: 50%), Conzept ∙ HOSPITALITY IS EASY (BHG.INVEST share: 25.00%, 25.00% GB Consulting), Cøffe (BHG.INVEST share: 20%), Rheingedeck (BHG.INVEST share: 15.00%) and Venue Planner (BHG.INVEST share: 2.50%) are among those holdings today.


Founding year: 2003
Registered seat: Meerbusch

Managing Directors:
Georg W. Broich
Burkhard Schmitz